Pulau Moyo Honeymoon Beach

A nature reserve surrounded by corals. 3,5 ha

10 Mio IDR/are


The main attraction around Sumbawa Besar is Moyo Island, home to deer, buffalo, and vast numbers of bird species. The island is in a nature reserve and surrounded by corals, making it the perfect deal for diving and snorkeling lovers. This splendid property with its private bay and 50 m Beachfront make this location so romantic even local people call it honeymoon beach. Perfect place to do activities like hiking in the woods with an unspoiled beauty, the beauty of underwater diving, or simply relax on the beach. Experience Moyo island in nature. Don’t miss it!!! The best investment ever in Moyo island.

10 Mio IDR per are
6.6 USD/sqm


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