Pulau Moyo 200 m Beachfront 6.5 ha

For lovers of nature and the underwater world.

10 Mio IDR/are


For lovers of nature and the underwater world, three kilometers off the North coast of Sumbawa lies Moyo island, a pristine environment with rugged coastlines and amazing savannah. Moyo island has become more famous with the visit of Princess Diana of England who sought refuge on this island from the paparazzi. There is a resort named Amanwana resort which is truly a remote paradise.  Located in the island’s reserve, you will never be bothered by distractions by the outside world.

This property is located near the Amanwana resort and very close to an amazing waterfall. There are two famous waterfalls in Moyo island, first Dumba’i waterfall and the second is Mata Jitu waterfall and on top of this there is a nature reserve with wild oxen, deer, boars and a great variety of bird species. So what are you waiting for? Create your own paradise on this property!!

10 Mio IDR per are
6.47 USD/sqm


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